Artist Statement

Artist Statement of Nell Chandler. For over 30 years, I have created jewelry by integrating diverse media and techniques I learned in my early training as a painter and print-maker. I craft sterling silver into nuanced forms using metal fabrication techniques, and embellish my pieces with images and designs I create with mixed media.

Image of earring, nc-ea-146

I am currently a co-owner of the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, where members must create new works each year for a Featured Artist exhibit. As a result, I have had the opportunity to continue to grow in both technique and vision for my jewelry. Over time, my work has diverged into two primary lines.

In my narrative line, I embellish sterling silver with etchings, acrylic paint, and shrink film. I use representational imagery to share my observations of life, and experiences of family, relationships, and nature. Customers connect with my work through their own stories. They are often inspired to share how the imagery reminds them of the meaningful relationships in their own lives.

My abstract line is expressive and ornamental, and evokes a feeling of calm. These works incorporate a combination of Pearlescent ink, acrylic paint, watercolor, enamel, and gold foil on enamel. I sometimes embellish pieces with semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. Each design is unique, and regular buyers share how special these works make them feel throughout the day.

In all my works, I extend an invitation for wearers to experience a sense of the harmonious and the peaceful. As I continue to grow in my artistry, visibility, and reach, I hope to keep creating meaningful moments for people in their everyday lives.

Whether in galleries or art festivals, I enjoy working with colleagues to create spaces where diverse artists and media are showcased and enjoyed side by side.

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